PC-DMIS 2015.0 sistem gereksinimleri

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PC-DMIS 2015.0 sistem gereksinimleri


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PC-DMIS 2015.0 operates under the following:

32-bit and 64-bit Vista
32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7
32-bit and 64-bit Windows 8 and 8.1
No other operating systems are supported.
Windows XP support: Beginning with v2012 MR1, support will be phased out for the Windows XP operating system. While this version likely runs fine in XP, it will not be tested under the XP operating system. Also note that some parts of the user interface do not appear optimally in XP. Support will be completely dropped in 2016.

IMPORTANT: When using third-party drivers, you should contact your local Hexagon representative to ensure operating system compatibility.

IMPORTANT: Running PC-DMIS inside a Virtual Machine (VM) is not supported. Notes:
PC-DMIS Vision machines do not support 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 8.

The Matrox Framegrabber PC-DMIS Vision hardware component does not support a 64-bit operating system. Advantages of 64-bit:
Customers with the x64-bit version of CAD packages need the 64-bit version of PC-DMIS in order to use Direct CAD Interfaces (DCI) to connect to the packages.
The 64-bit version of PC-DMIS can use all of the physical memory that is available on the computer. The 32-bit version of PC-DMIS can only use the first 2 GB. Therefore, customers with large CAD or measurement routines are advised to use the x64-bit version. .NET Framework
Microsoft .NET 4.0 for Windows 7
Microsoft .NET 4.5 for Windows 8


4 GB of RAM or higher (4 GB is the highest amount of memory capable on a 32- bit OS)

The size of the CAD data file and the tessellation multiplier value used affect the amount of memory needed. These both affect the amount of tessellated facets needed to display the model. The smaller the tessellation multiplier value used, the more memory needed for the facets. For large CAD models, this could cause an "Out Of Memory" error. If this occurs, the current PC-DMIS session will be left in an unstable state and should be terminated.
The default tessellation multiplier value is 1.0. Setting a tessellation multiplier of 0.1 will result in a 10 to 20 percent increase in the memory required over the default value of 1.0. Decreasing the tessellation multiplier further to 0.01 will result in an additional 50 to 65 percent increase of memory required.

1 GB of video RAM


2 GHZ or higher Duo-Core processor


For desktops: Nvidia Quadro K620 graphics card
For laptops: Nvidia Quadro K1100M graphics card
The graphics driver must support OpenGL 3.0 or higher. A warning message appears on PC-DMIS startup if the driver does not support OpenGL 3.0 or if your graphics driver is more than a year old.

Hard Drive

2 GB of free hard drive space plus allocated Virtual Memory of 8 times the largest CAD file used
SSD drive, HDD 10K, or two disks in RAID 0 mode (high-performance hard disk drive)


Screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 or higher


2 Ethernet ports. (This may be required for specific installations in consideration of local needs, including but not limited to CMM systems where one port is required for controller communications and another for intranet/Internet communications.)
2 USB ports
DVD drive
HASP key (a physical USB portlock) or a software license


Internet Explorer version 9

Anti-Virus Software

The Sophos Anti-virus tool was used by Wilcox Associates Inc. while testing PC-DMIS.

The performance of any other anti-virus tool will need to be confirmed by the user. Linklere izin verilmiyor. Üye Ol ya da Giriş Yap
Solutions for CMMs Using RS-232 Communications

If you are installing PC-DMIS on a new or existing computer, but you have an older CMM model that uses RS-232 communications, then you will need to install one of these solutions on your computer:

An external RS-232 serial-to-USB adapter cable plus the serial-to-USB adapter cable driver
An internal serial adapter card with serial ports


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